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The most important meal of the Day is FREE for all students in Revere!

We are excited to announce that Breakfast is FREE for all students everyday at Revere Public Schools. By taking advantage of this opportunity your child will receive more than just a nutritious breakfast. Eating breakfast at school everyday; your child can have higher energy, improved concentration and an academic advantage.

No more forgotten lunch Money.

Revere Public Schools makes it easy for parents to pay for school meals. By creating an online account parents can make meal payments using a credit card, debit card or e-check, view current meal account balances/item purchase history and receive automatic low balance alerts.

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Online Application for Free and Reduced Meals…

Now you can apply for free or reduced school meals online! The process is quick easy and FREE, and in a few short steps you’ll be done! Since the information you’re providing is electronic we’ll be able to review your application faster than ever before. Visit www.schoollunchapp.com to begin.


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Aramark Education is proud to serve Revere Public Schools. In conjunction with your district, we strive to help nurture students’ well-being, improve their overall dining experience, and adopt healthy lifestyles by providing nutritious menus, innovative dining environments, and wellness-based education and promotions.

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